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What Can One Person Do?

I made a goal for 2020 to make less impact on the environment by lessoning my waste. I decided to change my habits and the things I consume to leave a smaller imprint on a world we are already killing
With this effort, I’ve repeatedly heard statements like, “one person can’t change that,” or “you can’t change that.”
No, on my own, I can’t save the world. I’m not gullible enough to believe that I can make any overall impact alone.
But this idea that one person can’t make a difference is damaging to the world as a whole. It prevents us from doing what we’re capable of and accomplishing the things we could if we would ignore this lie.
If you look at history, you can see this simply isn’t true. People have stood for what they believed and ignited a spark that changed the world. I’d be willing to bet that each of these people that changed the world probably heard those same words, “but what can you do?”

So, what can one person do?
Inspire others
Help others
Educate themselves & others
Change themselves

While there are things we can’t do on our own, there are other things we can, and should, do on our own.
We let this idea that we can’t make a difference blind us. It convinces us to return to hide behind a sense of oblivion. We think, “if I can’t change it, I’ll take the easy way out.” Because if we can’t affect the overall picture, why not stick to our old ways?
The problem is that attitude helped get us into the world of trouble we’re in now. People wanted convenience and ease, which led us to this place of literally killing our environment. The world is dying for our need to have things instantly. We live in complete ignorance of the effect we have on our Earth. We ignore the cries for help. We think someone else will make the change and do something to fix our ways.
But will they?
How many people spend their lives in the muck of “but what can I do?”

Let’s change our thinking to focus on what we can do. We can make an impact on our households. We can change ourselves. We can control our choices.
We can choose not to live in the ignorance of sticking to the easy way out, which will only dig us in deeper.

If everyone is convinced “I can’t make a difference” nothing is ever going to change.
At some point we have to stomp that out and work on changing ourselves and see what transpires.

Because, in the end, the only way to start a resolution is to start.

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