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  • Blind Faith
    I have a life that has been marked by fear and anxiety. It’s been a part of me as far…
  • When Home Becomes a Safe Haven
    While most people are dying to get out of their houses, I’m dying to hold onto this time as long as possible. It will take time and patience to reset my mind to leave the safety we’ve grown accustomed to in this crazy time of life. I know I will do it because I must. But remember those of us who are always terrified of germs and infections will have a much harder time letting go that those of you who do not stress about health daily.
  • What Can One Person Do?
    If everyone is convinced “I can’t make a difference” nothing is ever going to change. At some point we have to stomp that out and work on changing ourselves and see what transpires.
  • Attacks
    Breathe in. Breathe out. Seems simple enough until the edges of reality blur. Darkness sucks the oxygen from the room and your chest seems unable to move on its own.
  • What Does Jesus Offer in the Darkness?
    I want to believe that because we’ve lost a child, and walked faithfully through the experience, God should protect me from ever experiencing that again. While the idea seems noble and compassionate, it’s far from the reality of life. I, of all people, should know that. God being a loving father doesn’t mean He can keep us from trials and difficulties anymore than we can prevent the woes of life from touching our own children.